Eye Tracking – see the Census

Census Homepage Study

See this image of the homepage for the U.S. Census?

A usability study was performed for this page, and guess what 86% of users could NOT find on it?  The population of the United States.  That bolded, red, enlarged number in the top right.

Quite interesting.  To learn more, including the eye tracking heat graph that shows how visitors read the page, click here:  www.useit.com/alertbox/fancy-formatting.html.

The lesson?  Where you place copy throughout your web site matters.  Visitors often scan, virtually ignoring the entire banner area, and then head straight for the middle or the sides to read the copy and latest information.

10 Tips for Press Release Headlines

The headline of your press release is the most important part of the entire piece.  

Here are 10 simple tips to help reporters, bloggers and your customers understand what you’re talking about: 


Follow a format that makes sense.  Bold the headline and make it a larger font than the rest of the release, and avoid clutter at the top.

These tips aren’t just for newbies.  With the volume of information in cyberspace, it’s more important than ever to write a headline that’s short, concise and interesting.

Three Clean Sites

Here are three examples of websites that have the content and copy arranged in a way that allows visitors to find every area of information quickly:

In addition, they all have a clean layout and the words aren’t overwhelming. 

When writing for a website, think about how to avoid throwing your visitors into “information overload,” with too much copy.

How DellOutlet Made $2 Million on Twitter

DellOutlet discovered that using Twitter to write messages to customers and extend sales offers to followers has been quite lucrative.

Read the story here, from Ragan:  http://tinyurl.com/mvx6c7.
Think about what you can say to your customers through social media that builds loyalty, gathers ideas and increases sales.

Is Your Press Release Worthy?

Think your press release stacks up, versus the other releases and competing clutter in the marketplace?

Find out from one of the many free services offering opinions via the Internet, and grade it at http://pressrelease.grader.com.


Press Release Grader




Paste your press release into it, and then look closely at the results of the analysis.  You’ll learn how to make your release more search-engine friendly, how to determine an appropriate length and what types of links work best.