Hammer is a Twitterer

The 90’s rock star and balloon pants sporter is being hailed as an overwhelming success using Twitter to transform his brand.  He has over 1.4 million followers.

M.C. Hammer

The power of social media networks like Twitter, Hammer says, is that they allow you to communicate other aspects of your brand—a bigger, multi-dimensional picture, if you will. “I want to let people know that I’m not some alien creature from another planet,” and that he’s much more than a rapper, preacher and other bigger-than-life labels the media has applied to him.

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Drive-by with the Boxman

I drove past this great monument of cardboard that was outside a self-storage business.  Is it a good ad?  Yep.  Very creative use of the actual materials and the sales offer is immediately behind it on a banner.


If it ends up walking like the Michelin Man, then we’ve really got something.

The Basics of SEO

“SEO” is a hot buzz term today, explaining how you or your business can best gear your website for “search engine optimization.”  Fancy name for “making your website searchable to surfers on Google or Yahoo!”


For a good article from BusinessWeek on the basics of SEO, which you can do yourself, click here

Many colleagues I know do some of these basics with solid results.  Others pay SEO experts thousands of bucks for in-depth work.  The general concensus:  don’t pay the big bucks.  The majority of the work done moving your site to the top of search rankings is done through the basics. 

Do a Google search for many more tips.