Buy Your Products on Facebook

News out today tells us there’s a new app from an advertising agency that will allow consumers to purchase products directly from company Facebook sites.  For marketing, this is taking social media to the next revenue-generating level.

Read the article here:  click here.

The Limited is taking advantage of it now, as the article points out.  How fast can other retailers jump on board?

Dell is a flutter to $6.5 million

Dell has been mentioned on Mouse and Pen before for its innovative use of Twitter to boost sales.  Now, it’s reporting that sales from Twitter are $6.5 million.  That’s big. 

Why?  It’s integrating suggestions from customers using Twitter, and changing its products on a rolling basis to satisfy them.  That includes one instance when Dell changed the position of an apostrophe key, at the recommendation of its fans.

Let’s all take notes and read the whole article:  click here.