Edible Ads – Sweet Nectar

A restaurant recently had an interesting twist to one of its desserts – the name of the establishment was emblazoned on the outside of the edible hard chocolate shell.  Cheap-shot advertising, or classy touch supporting the restaurant’s brand?  In this case, classy touch.  The logo was professionally designed, or at least it looks like it was, and the eatery’s owner prides himself on providing the overall experience to match the food.  Think about where your business can be branded outside of the usual places – it can leave a memorable impression.  I’ll be back again for this chocolate flavor explosion, at Nectar.

Sir Mix-A-Lot’s YouTube Video Tops 1 Million Views

Harking back to the 80’s hip music culture – thank you Run DMC also – Sir Mix-A-Lot is back with his gang full force, for Butterfinger.  Is it working in the social media world?  Yes.  His out-of-the-box and risque YouTube video shot for Butterfinger’s campaign recently topped 1.1 million views.  Now let’s see how many additional Butterfinger bars are sold globally as a result.

See the video and more:  click here.

Encourage Customers to “Like” You

Social media is allowing companies to listen to their customers like never before.  Facebook recently added the “Like” feature to its pages that feature a company, allowing a visitor to quickly show support for that entity, learn all the news posted there, and to interact.

Here are eight more tips to get your firm conversing with your customers:  click here.