Marketing and Biz Advice from 35 CEOs

The Rosen Group is set to release its book soon – Wisdom at the Top – featuring marketing and business lessons fom 35 top CEOs.  Right now you can read the complete chapters of four of them for free online, including these quick-takes:

  • The leader of the crafts giant, A.C. Moore, demonstrates how an 83-year-old customer proved that the business is all about the small things.
  • The top exec at pharma firm, AmerisourceBergen, pefers to fly coach all the time.  Why?
  • The CEO of the largest investor-owned water utility, American Water, shares his thoughts about how mentors helped to shape his career. 

Read excerpts, register for a copy of the book and click on other sections about the work:  click here.

New CitizenTube

YouTube’s version of ABC News just launched.  Users can now upload videos of the latest-breaking news from around the world, and some of the uploads may beat major outlets to the punch.  Check out the videos of floodwaters in France, at the time of this posting.   

It couldn’t be simpler.  In fact, it’s housed inside a Blogger site.

Watch:  click here.