Social Media and RFID connect skiers with friends

In a fascinating twist on the integration of social media with location-based services, a ski resort in Colorado is rolling out a program that embeds an RFID chip in the lift tag.  Readers all along the mountain record ski times, speeds and more, and relays that information through iPhone and Android apps.  Users can then share the information with friends in real-time via Twitter and Facebook: click here.

Twitter Changing the Music Biz – “No Buffer Anymore”

The rise of Twitter, Facebook and even niche social networks have already changed how music fans are deciding what recording companies should be producing and selling.  In the UK, for instance, the “Big Chill” festival is launching its own social network – funded by its fans.  Music-fan dollars that are powering social networking are shaking up the decades-old dynamics of the entire recording industry: click here.

Facebook Offers Coupons to Mobile Users

Facebook is rolling out a new app – “Fan Appz” – that allows mobile users to check in at retail locations and receive various coupons and offers delivered straight to their phone or in a printable format.  Another innovation in the wave of geolocation services that are no doubt going to continue being a trend in mobile marketing and social media: click here.

Oprah and Ashton – the Ultimate Tweeters?

Many say that Twitter’s success originated with celebrity tweeters.  While it may be true, it’s hard for businesses not to at least consider why Oprah has over 4.2 million followers.  Or, why Ashton Kutcher has over 5.7 million followers.

Gossip or not, Oprah still uses the channel strategically and pushed ticket sales for her O magazine celebration earlier this year.  And, Aston posts comments that reinforce his personal brand, like “Happy Lunar New Year.”

Here’s Oprah’s Twitter site:
Here’s Ashton’s Twitter site:

How can your business adopt “superstar” strategies and use them via Twitter to reinforce your product brands creatively?

Social Media has Yet to be “the Undoing”

While there have been instances where monitoring what is being said more closely by people posting comments on a company via social media would certainly be appropriate, the vehicles themselves have yet to be the culprit of bringing down the house.  In addition to the fear about getting involved, here are four more reasons why companies don’t use social media effectively: click here.