5 Better Biz Blog Tips

A business blog is only as effective as its content. If it’s useful to the reader, it’s effective. Here are five tips for businesses to use to enhance the results of their blog:

1. What’s in it for me? Provide useful information that helps readers increase their sales or improve the efficiency of their business. For example, provide a tips section, like this one.

2. Keep it simple. Readers and your customers don’t have time to read long posts. Break up long copy into bulleted items and get to the point.

3. Freshen it up. Blogs are an extension of the author’s personality and the company’s culture. Feature guest bloggers, who are company pros managing the operations and departments. It’s an exclusive view that many customers may never experience otherwise.

4. Make it interactive. Offer an insider’s look into a new product being developed, and welcome feedback from readers through comments they post to your blog. Take suggestions seriously – they’re your customers and sometimes your best partners.

5. Have fun. Run a contest on the blog with a trivia question about your industry. Among those who answer, put them in a drawing for a gift card and notify the winner via the blog.

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