5 Restaurant Facebook Tips

A business Facebook page is only as effective as its content. If it’s useful to the reader, it’s effective. If done well, it can even serve as the business’s starting point for a website if it doesn’t already have one.

Here are five tips for restaurants to enhance the results of their Facebook posts:

1. Create a business Facebook page specifically for the restaurant. Using a personal Facebook page as the restaurant’s page can be confusing to patrons. Having a business Facebook page also increases the chances of showing up in a Google search.

2. What’s in it for me? Provide useful information that helps patrons decide whether to eat there. For example, take a few minutes in the morning on every day that the restaurant’s open and post the food specials for that day.

3. Freshen it up. Facebook pages can be an extension of the restaurant’s personality and culture. Feature a picture of some of the servers or staff doing something interesting, like raising money for a local cause.

4. Offer an insider’s look into a new menu item that is being considered, and welcome feedback from diners. You could even take a poll and ask diners to vote by posting a comment identifying which new item to feature the following month.

5. Have fun. Post a trivia question every now and then about your restaurant. There’s often historic information about the property or a hidden personal story about how the restaurant came to open.

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