Coolness with QR Codes

QR codes are gaining popularity as a way to bridge the physical medium, like paper, with a website.  We’ve been seeing them now more in magazines and just about everywhere else, including at events.   Here’s a great article from Mashable on using QR codes for events:  click here.

To scan a QR code with your smartphone, just search your phone’s apps section for “QR code reader.”  You’ll likely come up with a solid choice like Apostrophe Digital’s Mobile Tag Reader on the iPhone, or Microsoft’s Tag reader.  You use the viewfinder on your camera’s phone to scan the tag and then it takes you to a website.

Try scanning the above QR code with your phone and you should go to Mouse and Pen’s website again.  There are many creative uses for QR codes today, from business cards to billboards.  Try scanning all of these posted here, including a keychain:  click here.

Where can you put them for your business to drive more people to an offer on your website?  You can make your own QR code here:  click here.

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