New IKEA Catalog – Anyone Care?

One of the new brew ha-has among copywriters and font nerds is the new typeface used for the 2010 IKEA catalog. It went from Futura font to Verdana this year.  Not excited?  Not surprised.

But, shopping at IKEA is sometimes a quasi-cult experience.  The store offers cheap bonsai trees to plastic spatulas, and its simple marketing and store design is refreshing.  

Here’s the new catalog:

IKEA 2010 Catalog

According to a recent blog post from a highly-respected advertising magazine, Verdana is commonly used for computer screens.

You can see the previous Futura catalog cover at:

What do you think about the new Verdana?  Generic?  My ballot is marked generic, and I believe IKEA belongs with the forward and somewhat mysterious Futura. 

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