New! Twitter Ideas from Mouse and Pen

Mouse and Pen just launched its “20 Twitter Ideas to Grow Your Business” – part of its GRAB (Get Revenue and Business) series.  You’ll increase the frequency of conversations with customers and prospects, and grow sales.

To instantly download the set for the price of a lukewarm venti latte – $5.95 – click here.

Here are three ideas provided pro bono from the set to use right now:

  • Create discount offers in your tweets. For example:  Place an order for 50 shirts today and give code tweet10 for 10% off. Test which ones have the highest responses, and repeat variations of those as often as you can.
  • Improve recruitment marketing. Human resources representatives can create a Twitter account and tweet about career opportunities.  Include a link pointing to the full job description on the company’s website, where an applicant can immediately take the next step and apply online.  Post a link to the HR Twitter account in the careers section of your company’s website.  At career fairs, include the Twitter address on all literature.
  • Special events. When you produce special events, designate a Twitter table.   Assign to the table Twitter-savvy reporters, important partners or valued donors who are following you or who have a Twitter account.  Chances are they will tweet about your organization during the event itself, or shortly after, providing immediate coverage.
  • To purchase the additional 17 business-building ideas, click here.  Let me know the results you immediately start getting, at

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