Starbucks Boosting the Economy with…American Mugs?

Normally we hear about Starbucks using social media (like the eGift on Faceboook) to strengthen its brand and to reward loyal coffee-drinkers everywhere.  Now, we’re also hearing about Starbucks…supporting small-town manufacturers? 

A recent article in the The Columbus Dispatch explained how the company is investing in American-owned pottery supply companies to make and ship its new line of Indivisible mugs.  Funds from the sale of the mugs and other related merchandise will support Starbucks’ Create Jobs for USA Fund, which helps small businesses. 

In turn, the caffeinated goliath is slowly, albeit surely, helping to add a few jobs back to American soil at a time when China and other overseas suppliers have reigned supreme.  

Cheers to Starbucks for at least attempting to get creative in its business practices.  It just might be working, as customers in at least one instance at a store in Columbus, Ohio, couldn’t get their hands on the sold-out mugs.

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