Awkward Family Photos Driven by Social Media

Perhaps you’ve received an email forward containing some of the fun and wacky pictures from Awkward Family Photos. The official book is out, and its smashing sales success has been driven by social  media.  With a YouTube campaign, over 230,000 Facebook fans and thousands of Twitter followers, the published work is on a roll.

What I also think is interesting is the now built-up demand for brand extensions of the title, and Awkward Family Pet Photos is due out next year.  For more: click here.

Dogs in Lamborghinis

What do dogs and a high-end Lamborghini all have in a common?  A way to make a commercial for Cadbury, of course.


I particularly enjoy this commercial, since the overall message can be applied to other aspects of life.  Check it out – ‘betcha you’ll remember it. 

Drive-by with the Boxman

I drove past this great monument of cardboard that was outside a self-storage business.  Is it a good ad?  Yep.  Very creative use of the actual materials and the sales offer is immediately behind it on a banner.


If it ends up walking like the Michelin Man, then we’ve really got something.