Oprah and Ashton – the Ultimate Tweeters?

Many say that Twitter’s success originated with celebrity tweeters.  While it may be true, it’s hard for businesses not to at least consider why Oprah has over 4.2 million followers.  Or, why Ashton Kutcher has over 5.7 million followers.

Gossip or not, Oprah still uses the channel strategically and pushed ticket sales for her O magazine celebration earlier this year.  And, Aston posts comments that reinforce his personal brand, like “Happy Lunar New Year.”

Here’s Oprah’s Twitter site:  http://twitter.com/Oprah
Here’s Ashton’s Twitter site:  http://twitter.com/aplusk.

How can your business adopt “superstar” strategies and use them via Twitter to reinforce your product brands creatively?

Social Media has Yet to be “the Undoing”

While there have been instances where monitoring what is being said more closely by people posting comments on a company via social media would certainly be appropriate, the vehicles themselves have yet to be the culprit of bringing down the house.  In addition to the fear about getting involved, here are four more reasons why companies don’t use social media effectively: click here.

Licorice Goes Around the World

Red Vines licorice is launching a social media marketing campaign that encourages fans to post a positive affirmation on its Google Map.  The goal is to reach 24,000 affirmations, the equivalent of enough miles to go around the world.  With 15,000 Facebook fans already, they just might do it.  Dubbed by many consumers as the “candy you ate as a kid,” the 100-year-old candy company will likely emerge from this social media contest as a serious competitor in the space.  For more on the story, click here, and click here for the impressive Google Map.

Awkward Family Photos Driven by Social Media

Perhaps you’ve received an email forward containing some of the fun and wacky pictures from Awkward Family Photos. The official book is out, and its smashing sales success has been driven by social  media.  With a YouTube campaign, over 230,000 Facebook fans and thousands of Twitter followers, the published work is on a roll.

What I also think is interesting is the now built-up demand for brand extensions of the title, and Awkward Family Pet Photos is due out next year.  For more: click here.