Three Ways to Cut Jargon

Jargon, those terms that confuse readers and lead them to tune-out, is creeping onto more Web pages.

Here are three tips to cut down on jargon:

Use the copy on your Website to highlight features of your company and your products, but avoid terms and words that are execlusive to your industry.  

Write engaging words that are aimed for first-time visitors and uses language that someone not involved in your marketplace will understand.  Tech firms are more notorious for jargon, but we’re all guilty.

Eye Tracking – see the Census

Census Homepage Study

See this image of the homepage for the U.S. Census?

A usability study was performed for this page, and guess what 86% of users could NOT find on it?  The population of the United States.  That bolded, red, enlarged number in the top right.

Quite interesting.  To learn more, including the eye tracking heat graph that shows how visitors read the page, click here:

The lesson?  Where you place copy throughout your web site matters.  Visitors often scan, virtually ignoring the entire banner area, and then head straight for the middle or the sides to read the copy and latest information.